Adults acting like children

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Adults acting like children

Postby Onionbag » Tue Mar 13, 2012 7:47 pm

The practice of patience protects us from losing our composure. In doing that it enables us to exercise discernment, even in the heat of difficult situations. It gives us inner space. And within that space we gain a degree of self-control, which allows us to respond to situations in an appropriate and compassionate manner rather than being driven by our anger and irritation. But on this occasion i am irritated.
Unfortunately it is very hard the keep one's composure when you have people like IceEelement that go out of their way to make your life all the more difficult than it really needs to be.
He comes to you asking for you to help him and that help was freely given without question, when in fact no help was needed what so ever,
The sad part is that IT WAS AND STILL IS needed by others that have had problems getting mcg to run on Vista and windows 7.
This is all part of the very immature and childish culture that is rampant in the mechcommander community.

I devoted many hours to this, which turned out to be a wasted effort and part of a practical joke
1) Putting a hard drive into a laptop.
2) Installing Windows XP.
3) Installing Mechcommander and all the new maps and patches.
4) Zipping the install folder up with the 3 registry file that canah made.
5) Making and up loading a torrent

As you can imagine that was a considerable amount of effort on my part, But instead of getting into a argument or trying to get back at him, I am just going to distance myself from them and their MCG community .
I have taken my MCG website down and deleted it from my computer, removed the torrent I wasted time on, uninstalled mcg, deleted the mechcommander ISO from my computer, deleted all maps and patches but I’m sure you can still get these from other sources as they have been plagiarized by many without giving credit where it’s due.
In a sense i was like a bookkeeper holding onto a huge selection of user made maps that are now lost to you and me.
The continuous bad habits and childish behavior of the mcg community has only resulted in the loss of a valuable resource. You really should put an effort into being honest, truthful and compassionate towards others and I think it’s about time you all grow up a little bit.
Regards Onion.

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Re: Adults acting like children

Postby Legend25 » Wed Mar 14, 2012 6:39 pm

Children who supposdely try act like adults...

Onion and i had a very decent conversation in the early part of last week, he agreed to do me this favour and in response i even offered to pay him for it. When i got back from my weekend job on sunday night i had discovered that as soon as his work was finished and complete and users such as mech2 were downloading his work, he then decided to delete it for some unknown reason, i was then later told that he was drunk at the time, and informed SS_Raven and others who witnessed this, to simply do it themselves. As i had previously started work on this project and was assured by Onion himself that he would very kindly take over doing it, i was then left with the knowledge that i could rely on someone who i considered half decent. But as of recently i have discovered that one person, a guy whos named as Iceelement, a small immature boy from thailand who can sometimes be rated as a tad bit annoying with his constant questions and lack of intellect seemed to shake onion to the point where onion had decided that his efforts were simply going to waste. The next day monday 12th Onion then decides to enter our lobby and persist on boasting about how he has deleted the torrent and how we are all in queer street. Now tell me who is the immature one out of all this, because to my knowledge it sure as hell isnt the MCG Community.

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Re: Adults acting like children

Postby Legend25 » Wed Mar 14, 2012 6:50 pm

As most of the active players here are aware i had a decent conversation with Onion early part of last week. It was a positive outlook on a fix for MCG windows 7 users, onion was happy to take over from what i had tried working on for a few days. I then had to work for the weekend and when i got back Monday 12th to my knowledge a user who goes by the name IceElement who is a small boy from Thailand a tad annoying with his constant questions and lack of intellect had rattled OnionBags cage and he decided to stop the torrent at the time users were trying to get it. My problem personally is why say your going to do something and at the last minute change your mind, like i said the conversation we had previous was very civil and for some unknown reason ( i had been told he was drunk on this particular night) completely delete everthing.
I then witnessed OnionBags come into our Lobby for Mechcommander boasting about how he will do nothing more for this community, and that we are all stuffed basically. Now its not a competition on whos right and whos wrong here, i think most people who read this themselves can decide who is really the childish one here.

Regards, Legend

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Re: Adults acting like children

Postby Wildcat » Wed Mar 14, 2012 7:21 pm

I found this part to be particularly true about IceElement and I agree with every Raven said above.

SS-Raven wrote:He literally logged in everyday for months asking how to install mcg on win7 or asking people to come to gameranger to play. And as im sure you noticed when you answer his questions he just asks you again

Yea most of us MCG people left just want to play. there is still some drama with hotshot, soul and avalon time to time about losses / wins and little nit picking and name calling from time to time... but honestly MCG has always been like that. We are strictly here to play the game really, anything else is just extra... learn to ignore the BS and you don't have to help everyone.

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Re: Adults acting like children

Postby Onionbag » Thu Mar 15, 2012 12:38 am

It was on dropbox and as a torrent, two ways for him to download it,

And after 5 HOURS, yes you heard me right 5 HOURS ( 10 pm til 3 am ) it was available for him to download he still didn't get it.

Thats a lots of trying to help out.
At that point i decided enough was enough, this must be a piss take.
I just don't have the energy left.

And Legend going off on one, He didn't even know why i had decided to call it a day.

That tool even brought my kids into the argument. That in my book is unforgivable and makes him an arsehole.

He was going on about me saying i was going to do something and didn't. Well i did do what i said i would do, i had it done by the weekend. I told him that I'd have it done by the weekend and that's what i did.

So never again. MCG's loss

End of.
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Re: Adults acting like children

Postby Legend » Thu Mar 15, 2012 6:56 am

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Re: Adults acting like children

Postby Onionbag » Thu Mar 15, 2012 7:04 pm

Please get your facts right before posting.

I was in Liverpool all of Monday and some of Tuesday and i was not drunk. you where not even on when this all happened on Sunday night.
Your getting your information from some of the people responsible for the action i took.

Past behavior of the players in the mcg lobby, Sunday nights piss take and your conduct after Sunday night ( Legend) when you didn't know my reasons or even had the chance to talk to me, and then you (Legeand) badmouthin me for a day and a half before i had a chance to reply properly only go to prove that i have made the right choice.

The plain fact is that the mechcommander community just does not deserve my time and effort.

Not even going to reply or talk about this issue again.
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Re: Adults acting like children

Postby xERRATICCHEESEx » Fri Mar 16, 2012 5:06 pm

I agree with Onion. This is exactly the reason I quit MCG. For many years I enjoyed playing MCG - an intelligent, tactical and stimulating game - and of course enjoyed the many intellectual conversations that were to be had in the gaming lobby. But gradually certain "persons" - I won't name who they are - began corrupting the lobby and spoiling games. Within a year, the lobby turned into a cespit of foul mouthed humor, anti-intellectualism, hate-speech, cursing, homophobia and racism. I and other responsible players tried to set an example, but certain "bad eggs" wouldn't be tamed. Things only got worse. It is sad to see a game I once loved be reduced to X-rated vulgarity.

I applaude Avalon, Onion, FKN and Caneh for doing their best to keep the community alive, clean and safe for children. But they are fighting an up-hill battle. Certain persons refuse to be tamed. I'd suggest that these intolerable players be banned or removed from the lobby, but of course YOU FOOLS HAVE ALREADY BANNED ME. HAHAAHHA. YO LOBBY SUCKS COS I AINT THERE, SONS. I AM THE GLUE OF THE LOBBY, I AM THE SEMEN THAT POPULATES YO SHORES. THE ONLY REASON PEOPLE CAME WAS TO SEE THE CRAP I TYPED. MY X-RATED MILKSHAKE BROUGHT THE BOYS TO THE YARD. NOW YOU GOT NO BOYS, MILKSHAKE AND AN EMPTY YARD. HAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA.

But seriously, it's a tragedy to see what has happened, and I blame myself for this. I didn't tell you guys this at the time, but when I played MCG, I was being regularly abused by my father. To get over the pain, trauma and embarassment I'd vent anger and hate inside the lobby. I hope you can forgive me. I know Wildcat will forgive me, because he understands what it's like to be abused by a man. But beyond this, I think a key issue we are forgetting is the role MECH2 played in the community's break up. MECH2's hacks were a wedge that split us all apart, and he ignited flames of evil that are still being felt. And of course the tools that enabled MECH2 to produce these hacks came from....ONIONBAGS. OWNED. CIRCLE OF LIFE. ELTON JOHN ON YO BUTT, SON. You crying Onion? lol. You got 9 inch Scottish wood and you worrying bout retarded stuff? What is wrong with you, son.

But seriously, don't you all see that WE ARE ALL TO BLAME? This is an example of total, systemic failure. We need to accept that we are all responsible, from the uber racist Hotshot, to cry-baby Avalon, to the Taiwan-has-no-education-system IceElement, to the dude-I-think-Im-gay Shadez, to the I-like-the-feel-of-Vindicator's-erection-against-my-body Wildcat. We must all accept this. And remember, whenever you point a finger at someone, three more point back at you. Always. Remember this. And God Bless.

- Yours sincerely


Just joking dude, congradulations. But seriously. Get a prenup fast, son.

HAHAHA. Just kidding.

But seriously.


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