anyone from the zone

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anyone from the zone

Post by Flyer »

anyone from the msn gaming zone ever come here?

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Re: anyone from the zone

Post by Horseman »


Been flying here for the past 3-4 weeks as often as I can. Usually around 8pm each night.

However, I haven't been able to log into cfs2 for the past two nights. But I CAN login and fly in FS2004. Weird.

Look for me (when I can get logged into CFS2).


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Re: anyone from the zone

Post by jester1074 »

Hi, I used to be on the zone all the time. CFS2. I have missed it. This looks very much to be a decent replacement. I'm sure I'll be getting my tail shot out from under me quite often. :lol:

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Re: anyone from the zone

Post by Hells_Angel_3 »

yup flew cfs2 from day 1 lol most knew ma as Hong_Kong_Fhooy ~S~ :mrgreen:

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Re: anyone from the zone

Post by MICKEY »

Oh !!! I Jes Loved the Zone. & i,m sure i,m gonna Love It Here Too. ~Z~ Happy Hunting

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Re: anyone from the zone

Post by CanEh »

Well, I guess it depends on what game. :) You would need the lobby client program, which gives you access to all of the gaming lobbies. Then pick the one you want and see if there is anyone there. Playing times vary a LOT, so if you can't find someone else in the lobby you want to play in, try posting a message in the forum, or leave a message in the chat buffer in the game lobby.

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Re: anyone from the zone

Post by WizardGrimm »

yes i am

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Re: anyone from the zone

Post by Flashover »

Need more people to come out and support the efforts of the Management that has brought a great place to have fun, a place to play and have use of Coms to BS and play. Long live CS! We have some new pilots this year. Tell your friends, kick the dog in the rear :shock: and come fly. :D We welcome all to come fly.

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Re: anyone from the zone

Post by Skuggi »

Hi guys. After some problems with the ISP, i finally have a stable connection.
So i will be a lot more often in the CFS2 lobby. My timezone is Zero GMT.

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