Mech Commander (2 and Gold), Mech Warrior (3, 4 and Pirates Moon), and others in the series
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Postby AncientxFreako » Sat Aug 02, 2014 7:32 pm

Wow, took me long enough to find this place...anyone still come here? I'll have to set up my Mech3 mod dev PC for internet and try out the lobbies...

Would love to know who might still be trying to play mech3 online!

Caneh, I think I chatted with you a long time ago...sorry it's taken so long for me to get here...

I've been working on my Mech3 mods for a while and would love to somehow integrate the things I've been doing into multiplayer lobbies so I hope to talk to you

Hope people will take a look at the mod website, link to follow...
Click my sig for the Mod Website:
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Re: Mech3

Postby CanEh » Sun Aug 03, 2014 4:05 pm

There hasn't really been a lot of Mech type activity. There were several idiots in the Mech Gold side of things that started to interfere in the other games, besides being total assholes in that particular lobby. They thought they were gods or something, so I closed down that game lobby and they vanished off to where ever.

Since that point, we have combined ALL of the games into one general lobby, where the game table host can configure that game table for whatever game they want. There are a lot of "pre-defined" games in the selection list, as well as a manual entry where you can enter the game GUID and EXE name. As long as that game complies with the standard methods of Direct X and Direct Play, they generally work.

Feel free to test things out, and if you have any issues we will be happy to try to help to solve them. Sadly, many people are turning to the newer games so there aren't many of the old timers around much anymore. However most of the regulars are now using our TeamSpeak server, and they are generally "gaming", just sometimes with several other games that are not of the "zone type". Pop into TeamSpeak, all the info etc is on the main webpage (not the forums, the main main page) and sit a spell. People will generally look there to see who is around, even if they are not in the gaming lobby.

If you have a crowd that wants to play, bring them along :)

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