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Creating a Clan

Postby CanEh » Wed Apr 29, 2009 9:22 pm

At this time, you can not create a clan online. The current version of the client software does not fully support this aspect yet but it is being developed. Reverb staff will create this for you. You can email the address with the following information and we will create the clan for you.

1) Clan Tag - 5 characters max
2) Clan Name - 30 characters max
3) Clan Description - 200 characters max
4) a copy of the image you want for the avatar

We also need to know how you want to restrict memberships in the clan, which is based on the clan tag itself. Many clans will want members to have something in common in their nics, like the GH_ folks do in Mech, or the 486 folks in Combat Flight Sims. You can choose from nics "starting with", "contains", "ends with" or none of those. All this does is help to restrict and re-inforce the list of possible people that the clan owners can send their invitations to. The clan tag and clan name are also used to display information about a clan when you "mouse over" the players in the Players List. Do note that once the tag and restrictions requested are in place, they can not be changed so think wisely.

In the 2 clan examples shown above, the "logical choice" would be to have a clan TAG of "GH_" or "486", and then place restrictions with the "starts with" item. This would mean that only users whose nics "starts with" the clan tag would be allowed to join. However the 486 folks might like a clan tag of "486th" but since all of their members just start with "486", they could need to select "none" as an option, because "486MyNic" does not start with, contain, or end with "486th".

There are several reasons for wanting to place restrictions. The first is to reinforce players in the clan to have consistant names, and the second is to clue people in on the nicname they need to make in order to join a clan. And of course, once a player is in a clan, even if they are flagged as "inactive", it is impossible for them to be invited to join another clan.

The clan description should include some basics about the clan, the games you like to play (which clues people into the lobbies that you hang out in) and other assorted information. This area (as well as the clan name) can be updated however the current client does not yet support making those changes.

The avatar image you want to use needs to have a transparent background, with no animation. You should submit an image that is larger, and we will re-size it to the proper requirements.

Once this has been done, we will create the clan for you, and enable it for use. Play with it for a week or so, and we can adjust or change the avatar once you see how it displays. If you are happy with the results and abilities and functions that clan management gives you, then you can send in the funds. Currently, all payments for memberships, clans, and extra donations are all processed from the main website on the "Donations" page. When you send in the funds, please follow up with an email to donations @

Additional information is in this post: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=58

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