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Updates etc

Postby CanEh » Wed May 06, 2009 1:10 am

Over the past little while, we have been releasing several mini-updates, along with code changes on the server end. Some may say "why so many", but we say "why not". When we do these updates, for the most part it is because of user requests and new features being added in. And yep, some are bug fixes too. Another part of it has to do with adding in requirements for the card and board lobbies, which is a completely new feature yet to come.

No, we are not giving out release dates for the new games. At some point along the way, they will magically appear.

For card games, "hearts" seems to be a popular item to start with. Perhaps Backgammon for board games. If you have suggestions or wish lists, please let us know. Naturally, starting off with a very complex game, rules wise, is not a good choice for us to make, for obvious reasons.

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